Tips for warm weather running

Written by Steve Jackson

Aaaah, finally winter is over, and we can just go out and run with no cares. WHAT? It’s 98 degrees in the shade! Humidity is at 90%! Thunderstorms approaching! Oh boy! Maybe not so carefree!

Maybe there are somethings to consider before running in the summer.

What to wear may be one of the easier decisions. Look for lighter colored, moisture-wicking running clothes will help to keep you cooler. Consider soaking a light, breathable running hat or bandana in ice water and freeze it begore running in the heat.

In addition to wearing a hat, wearing sunscreen and sunglasses will also help to protect you from the harmful rays of the sun and help prevent sunburns. There are many brands that make sweatproof, sports sunscreen; SPF 30 or higher is recommended.

When, where and how long you run are other things to think about. Running earlier in the morning or in the evening typically means lower temperatures and the sun isn’t beating down. If possible, choose routes that have more shade; bike paths, tree-lined streets, wooded trails will help shield you from direct sun. During the hottest summer days consider shortening your run; we all struggle with deviating from our training plans, but it is more important to prioritize safety over the potential of heat related issues.

Finally, staying hydrated is important and the hot weather usually means we need more than during the cooler weather. Carrying ice water in a bottle or in a hydration pack helps cool your body temperature while keeping hydration levels up. If on longer runs one frozen bottle of water will stay cold as it melts for the later miles.

Again, I did some googling: “summer running” and quite a lot of sites came up providing expert advice. Here are a few:…/guide-summer-running





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