Tip Tuesday

  • Resources for Runners

    Resources for Runners

    Written by April Ropes, runner and a 500-hr Yoga Instructor. April teaches and co-manages the yoga studio at Synergy Wellness.

  • Warm weather Running Tips

    Warm weather Running Tips

    Written by Dr, Kim Brown, PT, DPT and owner of ONE PT Hot! Hot! Hot! Do you know when to stop? Summer is here and temperatures are rising! Are you one to exercise outdoors? Do you check the temperature before going outside? How about humidity and dew point? As the heat increases so does your…

  • Tips for warm weather running

    Tips for warm weather running

    Written by Steve Jackson Aaaah, finally winter is over, and we can just go out and run with no cares. WHAT? It’s 98 degrees in the shade! Humidity is at 90%! Thunderstorms approaching! Oh boy! Maybe not so carefree! Maybe there are somethings to consider before running in the summer. What to wear may be one of…

  • Gear for Trail Running

    Gear for Trail Running

    Written by Beth Dougherty Another wonderful trail run is in the books, with a great turnout on a drizzly day! We hope folks keep coming out to explore the amazing trail in our area. If you are interested in trail running, you might also be curious about gear on this Tip Tuesday! The most important…

  • LEA-Low Energy Ability

    LEA-Low Energy Ability

    Written by: Alyson Comeau, MPH, RDN, LDN Hi Runners, have you heard of LEA? It stands for low energy availability. This can occur when we are not adequately nourishing our body. This can happen unintentionally or sometimes intentionally. LEA can lead to short term and long term issues. Check out these slides for more on…

  • Trail Running 101

    Trail Running 101

    Written by Michael Lepore It’s really not that complicated to get started running trails.  While it is still running, it is a bit different than running on roads though!  This tip will help you get started running trails in our area. Whatever you do – try and take the chance to enjoy nature and get…

  • Talk it out

    Talk it out

    Written by Lacey Liebert, Licensed Mental Health Counselor Today’s tip – Talk it out Did you see last week’s tip on post-race recovery? Caitlyn Bintz-Ashton talked about this really important time after your goal event is over. If you missed it, head over to the Highland City Striders FB page and scroll down. You can…

  • Training Cycles

    Training Cycles

    Written By Caitlyn Bintz Ashton #tiptuesday – my training cycle is over… now what?!? 𝐑𝐞𝐜𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐲 Many of you recently ran or are about to complete a goal half marathon/marathon this spring. The number one training principle to focus on immediately following a long training cycle is REST. Some guidelines for how long to rest following…

  • Restorative Leg Recovery

    Restorative Leg Recovery

    Written by April Ropes, runner and a 500-hr Yoga Instructor. April teaches and co-manages the yoga studio at Synergy Wellness. How many of you actually take the time to practice slow, restorative recovery from your runs? If you haven’t experienced legs-up-the-wall, maybe it’s time! Check out my very amateur video! If you are looking for…

  • Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demand

    Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demand

    Written by Patrick Sherrod. Patrick is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, RRCA Certified Running Coach and StretchMed CST. Why does my training plan mostly detail running slow when I want to run fast? It may sound crude but I’ll declare because Coach S.A.I.D. so! The SAID principle is an acronym from the strength and conditioning…

  • What is the cause of your running injury?

    What is the cause of your running injury?

    Written by Dr. Kim Brown, PT, DPT, Owner of O.N.E PT Tip Tuesday video style! Listen to Dr. Kim (and staff George and Ellie) talk about running injuries and what to do if you are having symptoms more than 3-4 days. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gde38AK0wy8c7_Eeo7Z-XI1Y4bmBOr06/view?usp=sharing

  • Running Tips

    Running Tips

    Compiled by Judy Proteau, submitted by members