Easy meal prepping ideas for Athletes

Written by Alyson Comeau, MPH, RDN, LDN

Eating well-balanced and adequately can be a struggle if you live a busy life! Which most of us do! Between work, kids, running, strength training, resting – it can leave little time for some of the most basic self-care needs, like cooking! Meal prepping is something I get a lot of inquiries about. Use this 1,2,3 tool for helping to make meals on the fly! Remember we want all these components to make up a full meal.

Here’s a quick-easy breakdown (each macronutrient does more complex gigs in the body, but here’s a quick reminder):

Carbohydrates are our body & brains main source of energy. Protein helps us repair/rebuild muscle and keeps us satisfied for long periods of time. Fat helps us absorb vitamins and minerals from our color, tastes really great and gives us long lasting satisfaction. Color provides those anti-oxidants, vitamins/minerals and fiber!!

For more personalized menu plans; reach out to Aly! Comment your favorite ways to stay nourished!! Nourish to flourish!!

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