Resources for Runners

Written by April Ropes, runner and a 500-hr Yoga Instructor. April teaches and co-manages the yoga studio at Synergy Wellness.

1. One of my favorite Yoga for Runners/Athletes teachers is Sage Rountree. I have several of her books and have done some training with her. I have mentioned her books in one of my past Tip Tuesday posts. Here is a link to a helpful podcast episode for women and specifically mothers: Another Mother Runner.

In this episode, they discuss yoga for runners with Sage. Listen to hear:

  • why she hated her first experiences with yoga
  • the value of letting go of “doing-and-action” mode
  • how the athletic mindset tempers runners’ approach to yoga
  • how your yoga practice should change during a training cycle
  • four poses for runners to do daily

2. The next resource that has helped me with both hip pain and plantar fasciitis is Lee Alpert’s Integrated Positional Therapy. I have attended one of his workshops and have worked with a local practitioner for hip and calf/heel pain. The basic premise is stretching the opposing muscle group to the area of pain. For example, lengthening the front of the lower leg (the shin) if you have tight calves. This is a way to use yoga for chronic pain or overuse injuries. 





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