Goal Setting in the New Year

Happy New Year everybody!!!

Now that we are all starting out on a blank slate how many of you have thought about your running goals? There are various types of people out there, and I think we all personally go through each of these thought processes year to year. Person A: signed up for 20 races already and is eager to sign up for more, Person B: is having trouble getting out of bed and ha nothing on the calendar yet, Person C: will worry about it when they see others signing up, and feels guilty so heck, let’s just sign up for tomorrow’s race today, Person D: Has a couple of options in mind, but doesn’t want to commit just yet. I am pretty sure there are more combinations we could come up with, but you get the point. Everybody fights with motivation at one point or another and now that it is cold and dark in the mornings and evenings, many of us can find it hard to bring ourselves outside. It took me until 1:15pm the other weekend to muster myself out to the trail!!! Ahhh! 

Take a look at my blog post about motivation and how to self motivate all year round. We all have to find what works for us, but the bigger concept is finding out the “why”. Why are you out there getting your run on? Why are you signing up for races? Is it to have fun, to be healthy, to eat that pint of ice cream calling your name? Figuring out your why will help bring you back to motivation. https://www.orthonept.com/blog/new-years-resolution